There are a lot of different ways to go green, but one of the best is choosing a high-efficiency furnace. A furnace repair company can perform maintenance on a furnace to keep it in peak condition and improve its efficiency, but it’s still best to start with the most efficient model available. Most of the energy that a home consumes in most areas goes towards heating, so there aren’t very many things that can make as big a difference as optimizing that process. Even people who don’t care about going green can still benefit from the other advantages that these furnaces offer, so everyone should consider the merits of adding a high-efficiency furnace to their home.


What Counts as High-Efficiency?

A furnace’s efficiency is a comparison between the amount of energy that it consumes and the amount that it releases as heat. The percentage of fuel that it converts into energy is the AFUE rating, and higher ratings are much better than low ones. The United States Department of Energy considers any furnace with an AFUE rating of at least 90% to be a high-efficiency furnace. That leaves a fairly wide range of values, so it’s important to look at the ratings themselves in order to get the best furnace possible. The AFUE ratings assume that the furnace is in peak working condition, so it’s important for their owners to hire a furnace repair service from professionals like Climate Experts when they break down or require maintenance to keep them efficient.


What are the Advantages?

The largest advantage to using a high-efficiency furnace is economic. Approximately 30% of the average home’s energy bill comes from the furnace, so there aren’t many things that can compete with an efficient furnace when it comes to cutting the bill. Energy costs are likely to go up over time as sources of oil, natural gas, and goal are exhausted, so the scale of the savings will probably increase in the future. They can also raise the value of a home on the market, since real estate agents and potential buyers will take the potential savings from the furnace into account.

Saving energy also helps to protect the environment. It can be difficult to install solar panels or wind turbines to convert a house to green energy, but replacing a furnace is relatively easy and can do almost as much good for nature. Given that most governments are starting to implement more stringent requirements for energy use, purchasing a high-efficiency furnace also offers some protection from potential laws that might mandate a replacement in the future.

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