There are few things that can beautify a home more easily than stone siding. A stone veneer siding finish gives the look of real stone without the cost associated with using real stones. Some stone products also have additional benefits, such as easy maintenance, great insulation, hardiness to the elements and more. Stone veneer products essentially are thin slices of stone rather then full, large chunks of stone. Because of this, there is real stone used in the manufacturing of stone siding. While this material generally has minimal care and maintenance requirements, some effort is still needed to keep the material in great shape.


Regularly Inspect the Stone Siding
As a homeowner, you may regularly inspect many areas of the home for optimal upkeep and to keep repair issues at bay. The stone veneer siding of your home also requires a periodic inspection. At least twice per year, walk around the exterior of your home, taking note of cracked veneer stones, issues with the grout and more that may be impacting your veneer products. As you examine the stone products, consider if you can repair the issue on your own or if you need professional repair services to produce lovely results.


Touching Up the Grout
From time to time the grout that holds the stones in place will need to be touched up. This process is known as repointing, and it typically should be done by a professional. This can eliminate all of the cracks and holes that you notice in your grout and can give your home’s exterior a like-new appearance. Always ensure that you use the same color of grout as was originally used with the construction of the home. In some cases, the color may not match until after the original grout has been professionally cleaned or power washed.


Cleaning the Stones
Another great idea is to clean the stones on a regular basis. Stones can easily develop stains, and this is particularly true on homes with light-colored stones or when trees and other vegetation touch the home. Mold and mildew may also be common in some areas. Pressuring washing the stone siding is a great way to remove these and other unsightly elements on the stones, and you may need to use a soapy mixture with the powerful stream of water for the best results. You can pressure wash the stones on your own or hire a third party professional to do the work for you.

The beauty of stone products on your home’s exterior can add value and curb appeal to your property, but these products are not entirely maintenance-free. Through your regular effort in each of these areas, you can keep the exterior of your home maintained in tip-top shape.

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