Storage sheds have taken on a whole new dimension in Canadian societies. They have become much more than just tool sheds—they are places that can make your architectural dreams come true. Canadian homeowners are exploring many possibilities on how to utilize these versatile spaces to let out their architectural skills, wishes, and creativity. They are scouting for ways to re-purpose these small shelters to offer more functionalities than what they used to. If you are a homeowner and would love to put your creativity into use, here are trending ways that you can use to contain your garden tools inimitably.

Make use of the magnetic magic

For a long time, electricians and mechanics have used magnetic bars to hold their tools of trade. The bars work just as well for metal gardening gears such as trowels, secateurs, and pruning shears. Organize your garden shed with a magnetic bar that’s strong to hold their weights.

Harvesting more space with old items

Use old items such as tyres, bins, and bushel baskets to hold birdseed, mulch, and potting mix among other items. You can buy the baskets from your local market/store, though any sort of bin or basket wil still do.

Double duty pegboard panels

Pegboards are great ways of keeping your hand tools easily accessible and organized. They not only act as tool organizers, but also offer a lot of space behind.

Storing tools with Wheels

Make storing your equipment with wheels seamless by using portable wooden ramp to get them in and out. Endeavor to design a ramp that is high enough to wheel your equipment in your garden sheds and small enough to be stored easily when not in use.

Keep track of gardening schedules with a calendar

Although calendars with bulletin boards are must-have tools for your office and kitchen, they can also come handy in garden sheds. You can use them to track your gardening schedules like when you should plant certain seeds, when your calves were born, and when a vaccination shot was given among other important dates.


So don’t waste any time—get started with a garden storage system that will contain your garden tools in a way that is not only easily accessible when needed but also in good working conditions come the next gardening season.

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