Five Reasons You Should Invest in Toronto Lofts

Five Reasons You Should Invest in Toronto Lofts

Toronto lofts can be a great investment for anyone looking for a home with a beautiful open floor plan, high ceilings, and large windows. Whether you choose a newly built loft or would rather have an older loft, you will be able to appreciate this style when it comes to your home.

1. The First Reason to Buy a Loft is Because of Its Open Floor Plan

There are many lofts for sale Toronto residents will enjoy living in. Hard lofts are old commercial spaces that have been turned into homes. Soft lofts are newly built with the charm of old industrialized lofts, but the amenities that come with new apartments. You can enjoy an open floor plan with either option that will allow you to see throughout your home no matter what room you are in. This open space is great for entertaining. It is also perfect for those who want to work in their homes. Many artists and other professionals enjoy owning lofts, but in reality they are great for anyone.

2. The Second Reason to Purchase a Loft is for Its Versatility

Since lofts are so open, you can do whatever you want to with the space. You can rearrange your home as often as you want, and you can set up different living or work spaces to meet your individual needs.

3. The Third Reason to Go With a Loft is for Its Charm

Hard lofts offer exposed building materials, huge windows, and all sorts of old fashioned charm. You can also enjoy soft lofts with the same charm and style, but up-to-date amenities.

4. The Fourth Reason to Choose a Loft is for Its Neighborhood

In real estate, location always matters. Hard lofts are located in neighborhoods that have been transformed from industrial communities to residential communities. There are many historical neighborhoods available that will offer all of the comforts of home. Soft lofts can be built in newer home districts. They will be inviting to those looking for adorable homes in nice neighborhoods.

5. The Fifth Reason to Pick a Loft is Because of Its Price

You can often find affordable loft options. Of course, some lofts can be pricey depending on what they offer and the neighborhood they are in. You can find many bargain friendly options though that will have you excited to call your new loft home.

Lofts are a wonderful option for anyone looking for a unique design in their home. You can enjoy making the most of your space and turning your loft into something extraordinary. You may be able to find more information online. Toronto Condo Team is a good place to start your research.

Legal Changes Cause Growing Interest in Edible Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana has been legal in Canada for years, but the growing interest in the subject has greatly increased the number of patients who have a prescription for marijuana. The new demand for medical cannabis has generated some interesting trends in the market. Instead of traditional smoking methods, more and more people are becoming interested in trying out edible marijuana options. These edibles allow patients to get the benefits of marijuana without having to smoke the substance.

What Are Edibles?

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), is the chemical compound in marijuana that provides so many calming, appetite-boosting, and anti-nausea effects. This compound is fat soluble, which means that it dissolves into fatty substances and binds with particles of fat. Therefore, it is possible to infuse oil or butter with marijuana and create edible items. Edibles can include baked goods, like brownies or cookies, candies, smoothies, spreads, and even gum.

What Are the Laws Regulating Edibles?

For a while, laws prevented people from making marijuana into edible products because of concerns about the concentrated nature of cannabis extracts and oils. However, a 2015 Supreme Court of Canada ruling unanimously decided that any patient who was allowed to use medical cannabis was permitted to consume it or transform it into any form that they prefer. This culmination to a six year legal battle greatly expanded

Why Are Edibles Becoming so Popular?

The new change in laws has greatly increased the market for edibles because patients no longer have to worry about accidentally breaking a law. More and more people are starting to realize that marijuana has valid medical benefits, but they are concerned about stereotypes surrounding marijuana. Eating a slice of toast with “cannabutter” or snacking on a cookie allows patients to consume their medicine without having to resort to bongs, bowls, and other methods stereotypically consumed by “stoners.” There is also a perception that edibles are healthier because they do not require patients to inhale smoke, so they are becoming the preferred congestion method for health conscious patients.

Are Edibles Healthier than Other Consumption Methods?

There is some concern that smoking marijuana can expose the lungs to carcinogens that increase the risk of lung cancer. It is true that edibles contain less of a cancer risk than traditional smoking methods. However, it is important to keep in mind that edible marijuana consumption changes the way your body absorbs marijuana. Its journey into the bloodstream is slower, so effects may not be felt for several hours. This can cause people to unintentionally overdose on edibles. Therefore it is important for patients who use medical edibles to exercise caution and not exceed recommended dosages.


Do you need a cheaper, dependable way to cool and purge electronic control panels? A cabinet cooler is the best choice for you. Cabinet cooling systems integrate a vortex tube to form cold air from the air that is compressed. They also stick to NEMA and the European Union safety standards.

Benefits of Cabinet Cooling over A/C Cooling

  • Vortex Tube Technology

Cabinet cooling systems use Vortex Tube know-how, with no moving parts, to form the cold air outlet flow, which is forced into an electric cabinet. As air is pumped into the cabinet, the cabinet cooling system creates its own built-in exhaust and, therefore, you do not need to vent the cabinet. This process forms a helpful elimination on the cabinet to assist you in preventing it from dust, unclean matters, and wreckages.

On the contrary, A/C system has numerous moving parts comprising a compressor, condenser blower motor, and evaporator blowers. These products fail with time, making you use a lot of money in repairing them.

  • Resistance to Vibration

Cabinet cooling systems are not affected by vibration that can result in leakages on the refrigerant and component collapse in A/C system. This failure can be very costly to you. Acquire a cabinet system to make sure that you do not spend hundreds of dollars on new products.

  • Absence of Floor Drain

A cabinet cooling system does not have a floor drain with the ability to seize the condensate from the condenser, which occurs to A/C cooling system. You will not experience such a challenge with a cabinet cooling unit. You will also not have a worrying by-product to manage.

  • Resistance to Harsh and Dirty Environs

You can use cabinet cooling systems in harsh or dirty surroundings without any difficulties because it utilizes compressed air that is clean and dry. When you use A/C cooling system, you should ensure that your vent filters are always clean so that you do not destroy the refrigerant cooler. The A/C products are not appropriate for harsh environments, as they use ambient air.

  • Low Purchasing Cost

Once you acquire a cabinet cooling system, you should open the box and install it; you don’t have to worry about the shipping damage that might make your warranty invalid. The cabinet cooling system is effective and works competently using a thermostat control that turns it off when you are not using it. A/C system is cheaper but not effective. It is highly affected by the rise in temperatures and fails in the presence of dirt and dust in air intake filters. You can replace filter components for a cooler cabinet unit two times in a year and are cheaper and easier to replace.


You will not have any inconvenience when you use cabinet cooling systems because of their benefits. They are cost effective, not affected by ambient temperatures and dirt, are durable and conform to safety standards.

Simple Special Events Boost Corporate Morale

Planning corporate events designed to boost company morale can be very difficult. In most cases, planners tend to think big. They arrange large picnics or rent venues to help employees relax and learn to work together. While extravagant special events are always appreciated, they may not be necessary. Some of the best corporate team building activities are simplistic, cost very little to execute and can be done at any time. Use this quick guide to learn more about easy team building exercises that can help your company bond. Don’t feel like you are limited to scavenger hunts when it comes to planning a corporate activity.

A Scavenger Hunt Has Many Purposes

One of the most cost-effective activities a business can have is a scavenger hunt. These short hunts allow employees to break up the monotony of their day, making them feel more excited and energized. It can also help newer employees get more acquainted with their surroundings. In fact, many corporations are starting to include basic hunts during employee training days.

Planning a Simple Event

When it comes to corporate events, simple is always best. Scavenger hunts are a great example because they don’t require much planning or an extravagant reward.
Here’s how it works:

  • Step 1: Decide what the goal of having the event is. You can then cater the event to meet those goals. For example, if you want to encourage employees to work together, you could provide unique clues to each participant, forcing them to negotiate and share information with one another.
  • Step 2: Hide objects and write clues. Cater the clues towards your goals. For example, if you want employees to become more familiar with company history, include facts as part of the clues. Then, hide the objects in places that have significant meaning to your company.
  • Step 3: Reward your employees for participating in the event. This doesn’t have to be a monetary reward or gift. Sometimes, just recognizing a job well done can go a long way in terms of boosting morale and pride.

While you could spend hours planning an elaborate hunt, most of the planning can be done rather quickly. You could even have employees take turns planning an annual hunt without taking too much time away from work. This allows you to gain the benefits of hosting a special event without sacrificing a lot of time.

Corporate Team Building Activity Trends

Don’t feel like you are limited to scavenger hunts when it comes to planning a corporate activity. Other simple activities like coloring contests, trivia nights or group movies can go a long way. Short, simple events are trending in the corporate world because they are relaxing, strengthen your team, can be performed any time and don’t require a lot of investment. To learn more, please contact us today.