Canada boasts of a rich and colorful history, with numerous significant developments that have shaped the country and left a lasting imprint on its society and culture. Tragically, some of the most cherished and enduring symbols of Canadian history and culture is in danger of being eradicated by the ever increasing encroachment of human civilization. Today, Canada’s wild horses face a very real threat of extinction, and harsh conditions that are severely detrimental to their quality of life in the short term.

Canada has a fairly large population of wild horses that roam the countryside and basically live off the land. Just on the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountain range, there is a population of wild horses estimated at close to 1,000. Like most other herds in the country, this population is subjected to the harsh effects of human encroachment into their territories. This meeting of species–human and equine–could have potentially catastrophic consequences, and wild horses are likely to get the raw end of the deal.

One of the most significant challenges faced by horse and pony protection advocates is the widespread public perception of wild horses as an invasive species that can negatively impact on livestock as well as other wildlife populations. Wild horses are seen by many as competitive with other animals for valuable grazing and ranging ground, and this has given them the stigma of being little more than mere pests.

It is ironic to note that the wild horses–whose natural territory is being impinged upon–are treated as pests themselves. This realization only highlights the increasing importance of educating the public with regard to the needs and circumstances of these creatures. While there is no denying that wild horse populations do in fact impact–sometimes negatively–on nearby communities, the much more favorable solution would be to manage them rather than to consign them to the elements, or worse, eliminate them.

With animal species being permanently wiped off from the face of the earth on a regular basis, it is imperative that measures be taken to ensure that this does not happen to Canada’s wild horses. These wonderful and majestic creatures have deep ties with the country’s history and culture, and they symbolize many of the most cherished and widely held Canadian ideals. They serve as a powerful symbol of the best qualities of the country, and reminders of the numerous challenges and obstacles faced by the early pioneers in order to make Canada the great nation that it is today.

It will truly be a sad day for Canada when the country’s wild horse population dwindles further and is eventually eradicated forever. Before then however, there are still many things that can be done in order to prevent that tragic occurrence. Horse and pony protection organizations are at the forefront of the struggle to keep Canada’s wild horses alive, but they need everyone’s help. With full support from the government and the public, these beautiful symbols of Canada may yet remain for future generations to appreciate.

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