Do you need a cheaper, dependable way to cool and purge electronic control panels? A cabinet cooler is the best choice for you. Cabinet cooling systems integrate a vortex tube to form cold air from the air that is compressed. They also stick to NEMA and the European Union safety standards.

Benefits of Cabinet Cooling over A/C Cooling

  • Vortex Tube Technology

Cabinet cooling systems use Vortex Tube know-how, with no moving parts, to form the cold air outlet flow, which is forced into an electric cabinet. As air is pumped into the cabinet, the cabinet cooling system creates its own built-in exhaust and, therefore, you do not need to vent the cabinet. This process forms a helpful elimination on the cabinet to assist you in preventing it from dust, unclean matters, and wreckages.

On the contrary, A/C system has numerous moving parts comprising a compressor, condenser blower motor, and evaporator blowers. These products fail with time, making you use a lot of money in repairing them.

  • Resistance to Vibration

Cabinet cooling systems are not affected by vibration that can result in leakages on the refrigerant and component collapse in A/C system. This failure can be very costly to you. Acquire a cabinet system to make sure that you do not spend hundreds of dollars on new products.

  • Absence of Floor Drain

A cabinet cooling system does not have a floor drain with the ability to seize the condensate from the condenser, which occurs to A/C cooling system. You will not experience such a challenge with a cabinet cooling unit. You will also not have a worrying by-product to manage.

  • Resistance to Harsh and Dirty Environs

You can use cabinet cooling systems in harsh or dirty surroundings without any difficulties because it utilizes compressed air that is clean and dry. When you use A/C cooling system, you should ensure that your vent filters are always clean so that you do not destroy the refrigerant cooler. The A/C products are not appropriate for harsh environments, as they use ambient air.

  • Low Purchasing Cost

Once you acquire a cabinet cooling system, you should open the box and install it; you don’t have to worry about the shipping damage that might make your warranty invalid. The cabinet cooling system is effective and works competently using a thermostat control that turns it off when you are not using it. A/C system is cheaper but not effective. It is highly affected by the rise in temperatures and fails in the presence of dirt and dust in air intake filters. You can replace filter components for a cooler cabinet unit two times in a year and are cheaper and easier to replace.


You will not have any inconvenience when you use cabinet cooling systems because of their benefits. They are cost effective, not affected by ambient temperatures and dirt, are durable and conform to safety standards.

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