Environmentally friendly handling of a variety of materials at businesses across the country is more than a passing fad. Compaction equipment makes this task easier than setting up bins to separate loose items of like composition. Below are five different materials that are the most common to recycle.

1. Paper

Businesses that generate a large amount of paper waste are in the perfect position to begin a recycling program. Paper can be placed in the compactor, compressed and bundled for future recycler pickup. Doing this will ease the amount of waste going into your dumpster and entering the landfill.

2. Cardboard

A wide range of businesses receives raw materials and parts in cardboard boxes. These can accumulate and take up a lot of needed storage space. All used cardboard that is kept in good condition can be bundled and recycled to make new shipping containers. Vertical compactors are perfect for compacting this type of material. They take up very little space, operate quietly and get the job done fast. You may find the information and resources available at Rotobale Compaction – EMD to be very useful.

3. Aluminum Cans

Restaurants that serve drinks in aluminum cans and any break areas with soda machines are the perfect destination for compactors that will help recycle this valuable metal. They are easy to compress into a small bundle that can be placed in a convenient area, out of the traffic flow in your business. The money that can be made in one haul to a recycle center makes this worth the effort.

4. Plastic

Plastic water bottles, juice containers, trays and other recyclable plastic can be compacted for ease of storing these materials in a manageable form. It eliminates the need to maintain separate bins for each type of recyclable product. It gives you better control of your available space. Nearly all types of plastic can be reclaimed and reused. This reduces the impact of waste on the environment.

5. Scrap Metal

Small pieces of recyclable steel, aluminum, copper, and brass can be compacted and sent to a recycling center. This is perfect for businesses that have a regular flow of scrap metal. You can get compaction equipment that is designed to compress metals to a size that maximizes value in required storage. The return in recycling income could very well pay for the compactor.

A practical plan for recycling materials has become a popular way of contributing to a better world. Demonstrating care and concern for the environment will be well received by most members of the general public.

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