Regardless of the season, moving can be a stressful undertaking. So imagine how disorienting it will be for your dog, especially when his favourite spot is used as a storage space for a stack of boxes. If you’re planning to make your next move smooth and stress-free for you and your pet, consult professional movers for assistance. Here are some helpful tips to follow.

1. Familiarize Yourself with Your New Neighbourhood

Visit your new neighbourhood at least a week before moving day to see if the area has off-leash dog parks. If you have the time, bring your pet along so he can familiarize himself with the surrounding as well. Off-leash areas are fast gaining popularity. Chances are if you do thorough research, you may be lucky to find one just within walking distance from your new home. Dog parks are also a great way to meet your neighbours. There are resources available at Premiere Van Lines Vancouver for more information.

2. Find a Reliable Vet Clinic and Pet Store Closest to You

Research the neighbourhood to see if they are equipped with top quality, pet-friendly amenities and services. Be sure to find a vet clinic operating in your new neighbourhood. Alternatively, you can consult your current vet for a recommendation. He or she may know a colleague in your new area, and that’s a great plus. In your quest for a new vet clinic, try to schedule an appointment as soon as, or even before, you relocate. By doing so, you’ll know how the clinic operates and if they are the ideal fit for your pet.

3. Pack All of Your Pet’s Items Together

Items such toys, blankets, and food bowls should be packed up and kept together. That way you won’t have trouble unpacking your dog’s belongings and finding their necessities. It is wise to keep the items in your car so that you won’t mix up the box with other belongings. As soon as you arrive at your new place, unpack your dog’s item first. Keep in mind that your dog will feel uneasy in a new environment. With his toys and belongings around him, he might be able to adjust more quickly.

4. Keep Your Pets Away on Moving Day

If possible, take your dog to a loved one’s place to avoid any sort of commotion. It is wise to keep your dog away from the stress of moving. This helps keep their anxiety level low. If you’re planning to board your dog, remember to book the space ahead of time. Boarding gives your dog a chance to socialize with other dogs, allowing you to focus more on the most important aspect of the move. Your vet can help you choose the right boarding service for you.

5. Bring in Your Dog for the Big Reveal

Bring in your pets only after arranging your furniture and other large items in your new home. Since the new home will be full of familiar items and smells, your pup can adjust to the new environment more easily. As stated earlier, unpack all of his belongings before bringing in the dog. It’s normal for your dog to take a walk around the new home to discover what’s new.

With these helpful tips, moving day should be stress-free for you and your pet.

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